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The Victorian Primary Industries Training Board, trading as Breeze Training Skills Victoria (PSV), was established to identify current and future vocational education and training needs of the agriculture, horticulture, seafood & aquaculture, conservation & land management and animal care & management industries. It is jointly funded  by government and industry.  Membership is drawn from industry, union organisations and related advisory bodies and establishing industry committees to resolve training issues to achieve an industry-directed training system.

The Board also works closely with private and public training providers  to improve the accessibility of training and promote the benefits of training for both the business sector and students

Breeze Training Skills Victoria functions as part of a structured network of industry training advisory bodies across Australia which is recognised by both state and federal government as the peak industry advisory body on industry training issues.

Our organisation works to improve training by facilitating regular industry consultation to analyse the current and future needs of industry and undertake survey and research projects to establish and encourage appropriate training availability for the primary industries.  PSV also acts to inform employers and potential students about available training options and career pathways.

The Board aims to increase industry participation in training by marketing and promoting new training programs, demonstrating the benefits of training and increasing industry access to enable users to take maximum advantage of flexible training delivery options and increase industry profitability and productivity.

PSV Staff monitor and assess the quality of training delivery by working closely with state and federal Training Provider Networks and industry members.

The Board can also assist the training system by negotiating with government, on behalf of industry and training providers, for improved training resources

The Board and Staff of Breeze Training Skills Victoria hope you enjoy visiting this website and welcome all enquiries regarding our activities by contacting staff members below.

Greg Hallihan - Executive Officer
Ian Lee - Industry Liaison Officer
Tracie Webb - Administration Officer

Telephone: (03) 9210 9210; Fax: (03) 9210 9471
621 Burwood Highway, Knoxfield, Vic 3180
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