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Parks and Gardens

The Amenity Horticulture industry sector, for educational purposes, has been split into the following industry groups. This sector comprises arboriculture, floriculture, horticulture, landscape, nursery, parks and gardens, and turf.


The Amenity Horticulture industries, comprising broadly of the arboriculture, floriculture, landscape, nursery, parks and gardens and turf sectors, have a total workforce conservatively estimated to be over 17,000 in Victoria. This figure compares well with 2001 Australian Bureau of Statistics data that estimates there are approximately 17,600 Amenity Horticulture workers in Victoria.

 Each of the Amenity Horticulture industries has state and/or national association bodies, with some associations dating back several decades. Breeze Training Skills Victoria has close links to each of these industry sectors.  As a result of these close links issues in training have been identified at both the individual sector level and collectively as training issues that affect all the Amenity Horticulture industries.

The three regions conducting the highest number of student contact hours for agricultural and production horticulture training (across all sub-industries) is:
1. Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne

2. Inner Metropolitan Melbourne

3. Northern Metropolitan Melbourne
It comprises about 51.5% of all student contact hours in training in Victoria in the categories of Agriculture and Production Horticulture, Amenity Horticulture, Animal Care and Management and Seafood and Aquaculture training.
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