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The Amenity Horticulture Sector Reference Groups (arboriculture, floriculture, landscape, nursery, parks and gardens) have identified the following units as of importance for industry in the Amenity Horticulture Training Package in Victoria.

In February 2004, in Part A of the PSV Resource Guides 2004 document, Resource Guides were completed for Certificate III Amenity Horticulture to support these units of competency containing Introduction, Activities and Assessment, Key Information and Key Resources. This has been done for 49 units selected by teachers as being useful for teaching purposes from the new National Amenity Horticulture Training Package, approved by the Rural Training Council of Australia in April 2003.

In Part B there are listings of great books and websites under topic headings to supplement information contained in the units of competency in Part A of the document.

The Part A and Part B of the document can be downloaded as one file below as PSV Resource Guides 2004 (taking a minute or two to download as the full document), or alternatively it can be downloaded under individual topic headings for both parts of the document. In addition, the documents can be modified, re-distributed or used in their current form.

Breeze Training Skills Victoria hope you enjoy and gain benefit from using these documents.


PSV Resource Guides 2004
Cover Page
Document Use
Executive Summary
Units of Competency
RTC Units
RTC3016A Provide information on plants and their culture
RTC3206A Erect timber structures and features
RTC3310A Operate specialised machinery and equipment

RTC3401A Control weeds

RTC3404A Control plant pests, diseases and disorders

RTC3701A Respond to emergencies

RTC3704A Prepare and apply chemicals

RTC3705A Transport, handle and store chemicals

RTC3805A Coordinate work site activities

RTE Units

RTE3003A Coordinate horticultural crop harvesting

RTE3013A Implement a post-harvest program

RTE3307A Coordinate machinery and equipment maintenance repair

RTE3601A Install irrigation systems

RTE3603A Install drainage systems

RTE3605A Troubleshoot irrigation systems

RTE3611A Operate pressurised irrigation systems

RTE3612A Implement a maintenance program for an irrigation system

RTE3713A Carry out workplace OHS procedures

RTE3904A Keep records for primary production business

RTF Units

RTF3004A Implement a grassed area maintenance program

RTF3005A Deliver and promote sales of plants

RTF3007A Fell large trees

RTF3010A Establish turf

RTF3011A Implement a plant establishment program

RTF3012A Implement a plant nutrition program

RTF3014A Implement a propagation plan

RTF3015A Implement a tree maintenance program

RTF3017A Implement a tree pruning program

RTF3018A Implement a tree transplanting program

RTF3019A Remove trees in confined spaces

RTF3021A Maintain nursery plants

RTF3025A Prepare specialised plants

RTF3026A Receive and dispatch plants and other nursery products

RTF3028A Perform specialist amenity pruning

RTF3031A Undertake complex tree climbing

RTF3032A Install cable and bracing

RTF3033A Implement a maintenance program for hydroponic systems

RTF3035A Implement a tree protection program

RTF3036A Plan and establish plant displays

RTF3203A Construct brick and/or block structures and features

RTF3204A Construct concrete structures and features

RTF3207A Implement a landscape maintenance program

RTF3216A Install water features

RTF3217A Set out site construction works

RTF3219A Construct stone structures and features

RTF3503A Sample soils and analyse results

RTF3702A Undertake aerial rescue
Miscellaneous Units

BCG3115A Segmental/Unit Paving

BSBEBUS304A Buy online

Key Performance Indicators
Learning and/or assessment resources
Industry Associations and Government Organisations
Journals and Magazines
Education and Training
Dewey Numbers
Standards and Government
Australian Standards
International Standards
Industrial Relations, Government, Unions
Topic References - Administrative
First Aid
Occupational Health and Safety
Keep records
Coordinate work activities
Topic References - Plant growth variables
Pests and Diseases
Pumps, Irrigation, Drainage and Water
Soils, Plant nutrition and Fertiliser
Topic References - Horticulture, Parks and Gardens
Horticulture, Botanical references and Recognise Plants
Botanic gardens
Amenity tree pruning
Topic References - Flowers
Flower growing and Harvesting crops
Topic References - Nursery
Plant propagation
Indoor plants
Topic References - Landscape
Brickwork and Brick Walls
Water features
Timber products
Stone structures and features
Topic References - Arboriculture
Tree pruning
Tree transplanting
Tree maintenance
Trees in confined spaces
Tree protection
Cable and bracing
Aerial rescue

Breeze Training Skills Victoria